CCTV Special

DVR PTZNo Monthly Fees
You own the equipment, monitor on all smart devices, playback on your computer.

With terror and crime on the up rise Craig Brothers Construction has moved into the Closed Circuit Television Surveillance Systems. Never pay high cable bills again for just being able to watch your house and property. Keep your family safe.

There are many reasons to install monitoring cameras. Fighting crime is just a small part of what you will find you use your camera system for. Clients love being able to monitor their pets, see if the kids are home safely from school. Wat’s the gate doing open? Our beach going friends enjoy their favorite view and watch their property during storm surges and hurricanes. With our battery backup we can keep the cameras rolling for up to 8 hours for the DVR and 8 cameras recording constantly. Longer if you limit the camera views to the most critical.

While supplies last we have 2 cameras with a 500GB  Hard-drive, expandable to 8 cameras for the low price of $550. (Installation not included) Installation starts at $50/camera but is dependent on the distance between the camera and your cable modem.

We also have a variety of cameras you can add on to the four that come with our offer. Pan Tilt and Zoom up to X22
We have the ultimate zoom that has a night vision of 130′. All installations require a free on sites estimate.

For larger estates or more comprehensive coverage, DVR’s can accommodate 16 to 24 cameras.