Niche of your own!


Photos I phone 443        IMG_2679 If space is limited or you just need a special place to put something, try a custom built niche.  Our artist can personalize it with a mural, glass tiles, wallpaper or anything your heart desires.

IMG_3886        IMG_3888  A kitchen niche keeps spices and condiments at your fingertips and off the counters.  No more hunting in the back of dark deep cabinets.

A niche can be built to hold spices, bathroom items, covered with a shutter door or left open like a recessed painting.  A great place to put a background to your favorite collections.

Beach 019        Beach 004

IMG_4517        IMG_4520        IMG_3998

We can also do “His” and Hers” niches.  Keep the cabinets cleared of medicine, makeup and shaving gear.

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