Screened In Porch (aka “Catio”)

before2This narrow covered wooden deck has been transformed into the perfect “catio” as Jackson Galaxy, cat behaviorist, would describe it.  The long narrow space outdoor was was converted to an additional living space where “inside cats” could enjoy fresh air with their human guardians.  Squirrel watching is like kitty TV while Mom and Dad enjoy coffee each morning.  Shelves allow the frisky felines free rain to run and play and get up up and away.  Floor to ceiling scratching posts gives access to both levels of shelves and provides cat hammocks for those all important catnaps.  Mom has a special daybed created by Kelly and Carson for her cat nap too!

The entire room was designed on the computer.  This made choosing colors and furniture a snap.  Porch




2015 NEW FURNITURE & ARRANGEMENT (Moving in with the cats)